Presentations & Workshops

No hype.  No fluff.  No nonsense.  Doug Smith delivers topic-specific and content-rich presentations and workshops designed to make a difference. 
From one-hour event keynote presentations at company and association gatherings to half-day workshops and full-day seminars, Doug has a solution to fit your agenda and your goals.
Here is just a sample of Doug's presentations and workshops now offered. Complete descriptions of all presentations, workshops and seminars are available.  Just call us and ask! 
---1 hour presentations---
Rising to the Top!
Climbing the stairway to success in your career by following the five central habits and practices of the best in the business
The Competitive Edge
How to identify, market and promote your key competitive strengths to attract more prospects and land more sales
Let's Get Organized!
24 practical tips for daily time management; how to get better organized and intentional in how your run your day and your business
---90-minute to 2 hour workshops---
Mastering Your Selling Skills
A “hands-on, heads-in” workshop for learning and developing the five core skills of professional selling (for new salespeople)
Creating Clients for Life
The power of database marketing and how to generate more repeat and referral business from past clients and people you already know
Planning for Success
How to construct a workable, written plan around your goals to get to where you want to go...faster and easier than you think! 
---3 hour workshops---
Get in the Green Zone!
Based on Doug's new book Green Zone Selling, how top performers out-sell, out-earn and outlast everyone else year after year
Street Smart Selling
Knowing what to say and how to say it: Connecting with customers, exploring needs, presenting solutions, asking for action and following up
Managing your Business
From goal setting to behind-the-scenes operations to taking care of your customers, an advanced-level sales startegy workshop for those ready to reach the "next level" 
---Sales manager seminars and workshops---
How to Coach a Winning Sales Team
Learning new ways to lead, coach and motivate a stronger and better sales team
Hiring Winners
The complete guide for recruiting, selecting, hiring and on-boarding new salespeople on your team…the right way 
Remember:  This is just a sample of Doug Smith’s topics, presentations, workshops and seminars.  Give Doug a call, talk about your plans, and let him select the right theme and topic that will hit the mark!

Presentation Fees

Doug’s fees are affordable for companies and groups of all sizes. 

1 hour presentations: $1,900

90-minute workshops: $2,900

2-3 hour workshops: $3,900

6 hour seminars: $5,900

Travel costs and participant materials are at an additional and nominal cost.

Multi-day training programs and custom-designed programs are priced in advance per project.