Client Comments

What do clients have to say about Doug?  Here are just a few actual comments from recent Doug Smith presentations:

Doug was the best speaker at this entire conference, hands down.

Outstanding!  The best and most useful sales workshop I have attended in years.

I appreciate his approach--no hard sales pitch and no nonsense.  Just good information I can actually use.

I recently attended a (well-known national speaker) seminar and hands down this was better in every way.  It was better in presentation, better in content, better in useful information.  Nice job!

Our internal trainers are good, but they could have NEVER delivered a program like this!

It is a delight to listen to a speaker who is not so "full of himself."

I have been in this business and among the top producers of my company for 22 years and I have never been to a better sales seminar than this one today.

Doug's presentation was specific, thorough, and full of useful ideas. You can tell he's been out there in the trenches with all of us.

We invited seven speakers to our conference this year. Doug Smith will be the only one we will invite back again next year. He made our event a success!

CAUTION!  Before you hire a speaker or sales trainer to address your group, make sure:

  1. The speaker understands that the program is about YOU, not HIM. 
  2. The speaker is a professional speaker, not just someone you can get cheap, local, or free.
  3. The speaker works with you ahead of time to design and deliver a great event.

That’s what Doug does, and that’s why he’s in high demand as a speaker all throughout the year!